First Time And Not The Last

Brad was so worried the night that the escort showed up that he really had a hard time keeping his cool even slightly. He was worried that he wasn’t going to be able to perform when the time was right. He never had any experiences before that point and he had no idea what he could expect. He was shaking with fear by this point, and had no idea whether Jessica was going to be able to handle this or not.

He kept imagining her laughing at this trembling or terrified virgin who had never had a girlfriend previously and who was under the impression that he was going to be able to do anything real with a woman who had clearly been around the block so many times it didn’t even seem like a block to her. He could just imagine what some of his friends would say if they saw him here with her tonight, and they would be laughing at him for it. They wouldn’t care about him hiring an escort or adult entertainment. In fact, they would probably envy him for having the nerve. They would still be laughing at him for being nervous.

However, the moment Jessica showed up, he knew that he had worried for nothing. She was so utterly confident that she managed to give him some of her confidence. He could soak up in her energy, her vitality, her experience combined with her strength and obvious sexual power, and everything else about her. She had this sultry voice that seemed to comfort him and arouse him right away. He knew that he’d hired the right person. The fact that this was his first time never even came up, and he didn’t even feel like he was on the spot. As she took him to the bedroom, he felt all the inhibitions holding him back fade away.

The two of them came together in a passionate embrace and their bodies clapped together in a quickening beat, stimulating one another repeatedly and leading to the sort of climax that could truly make Brad feel as if he had been having sex for years. It was as if Jessica was imparting some of that experience to him as well. He felt like he was with her and joining her through all her previous adventures, and they were now his as well.

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