How a West Midland Escort move on after a bad break up  

Break up is a feeling you won’t like to happen to you. It is the most painful of all. It’s like someone is dead and you have to mourn for so long. Many people had disregarded the idea of letting go of a relationship that is toxic. You have to make a decision that can benefit and grows both of you. Staying in a relationship that is not good for you anymore is like killing yourself slowly. If the person wants to go, don’t stop him/her instead let him/her be. You would not be entirely happy if you keep a person that does not belong to you anymore.


I had a boyfriend before; we had lasted our relationship for eight years. I am Kelly, and I live in West Midland. We are neighbors and childhood sweethearts. When we are still a kid, we know that there is something special between us, but we did not take it seriously since we were so young back then. When we are in our teenage years, we became best buddies; we went to school together. We decided to enroll at the same school so that we are always at each other’s back. We never let anyone else bully each other because we both fight back. As years passed, we became a couple officially. He is always the same to me but upgraded level. Our relationship is smooth and full of love. I have thought he is the one for me and soon to marry him. But little did I know, he has cheated on me after our eight years, I saw him with another girl and ran away. We had never had closure, but I realize that it’s time to move on. We shouldn’t be a prisoner of a bad nightmare. Here are my secrets on How a West Midland Escort from move on after a bad break up:


  1. Accept the reality

You know that the relationship is over and watering back a dead plant is useless. You have to let go of it and start a new beginning. Forgive yourself and accept what happened. If you had accepted the situation, it would be easier for you to move on.


  1. Love yourself

One way of moving on is to see you worth as a person. Never let anyone’s shadow, darken your way. You have lost yourself in loving someone too much, and you have to regain it again. To order to enjoy yourself, you had to find your happiness and start creating new memories. Perhaps, you can go to the gym or eat healthy food. Loving yourself is an exercise to have good mental health.


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