My First night as a London Escort

I don’t think that I will ever forget my first sexy London escort shift. It was a really horrible night and the rain was tipping down outside. I did not expect to get any gentlemen callers at all, but after a couple of hours I did get a call from the reception asking if I could give a gent an urgent massage. He was a regular user of the London escorts that I had just joined. It goes without saying that I could not say no.

About 45 minutes late he turned up at my door. He said that he chauffeur was waiting outside in the car, and that would be okay, wouldn’t it? I was not sure but I told him that it would more than likely be okay. I must have looked a bit anxious as he asked me if I was new to London escorts. I told that this my first shift and he gave me a really nice smile. I was glad that my first date at London escorts was such a nice guy.

Alan said that he had his own business in London, and he normally enjoyed a Thai massage every Thursday. He had read on the website that I was one of the few London escorts at the agency who specialised in Swedish massages, and he said that he felt like something different. Alan was clearly used to the routine at London escorts, and it was not very long before our massage date seemed to be over. As he went out the door, he left me a generous tip and thanked me for my time.

After that I had another date turn up. He had never used a London escorts service before but had always dreamed about dating London escorts. I had to do some explaining as his idea of what you could do on a date was a bit different, but I managed to muddle through. Being an American, he expected all sorts of specials, but I said that we don’t really do that unless agreed prior. He was okay but very pushy and I had not liked him as much as I had liked Alan.

As he left I noticed that the rain was now coming down in big sheets and I thought that my little umbrella would never stand up to this. The nearest Underground station was not very far away, and I decided to make a run for it. Just as I came out of the front door of the block of flats that I was working in, a car pulled up. The door opened, and Alan’s head popped out. I was really surprised and could not believe that he remembered what time I finished my shift. When he produced a hot chocolate from the local coffee bar, I was even more surprised. He had remembered that I liked hot chocolate. Since that first night at London escorts, Alan has picked me up several times and he has never forgotten my hot chocolate.

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