Sexy Delights for Your Supper Club Party

What do London escorts serve up at a dinner party? I love cooking and when I cook for the members of our Supper Club here in London, I serve up a range of foods which will boost your libido as well. Planning is an important part of my meal planning, and I often start to plan our supper club parties a week or so before I actually start cooking. I try to prepare easy dishes so that I have plenty of time to spend with my diners. Spending too much time in the kitchen would just spoil the atmosphere.

But then again, my kitchen is open planned so I can easily spend time talking to my guests. Still I don’t want a kitchen counter to be a barrier between me and my guests, so I like to be well prepared. Most of the diners have similar taste in foods so I don’t have to cook too many dishes. Often one of the girls from our London escorts service comes around to help to prepare the food.

My starter is often cold, and I may even start with something so simple as a salad. The weather has been so warm this year that we have been dining outside even until very late. Last weekend when the girls from London escorts came around with their dates, I served up peach salad with warm goat cheese. The goat cheese had honey on it, and it tastes really good. It was one of the most popular starters that I had ever created.

As we were sitting outside, I went for a couple of both tray dishes with vegetables. Tray dishes are so easy to prepare and if you are sitting outside, I find them excellent. I don’t know why, but when you eat outside, people seem to get hungrier. I treated my guests to a salmon tray bake with crusty almond flakes. It is light and I know my colleagues at London escorts love it. The gentlemen were treated to a mixed tray bake with steak and red wine. It seemed to have gone down very well. Lots of people are health conscious so I make sure that the side dishes such as potatoes are all very light, and that the vegetables are nice and fresh. As a matter of fact, I often buy a box of Wonky Vegetables and use what it is in that.

For dessert, I prepared something which has become a bit of a London escorts signature dish. I make this fantastic champagne ice cream and with that I service sliced fresh strawberries with blueberry coulis. It is a very refreshing dessert and if you have plans ahead for the evening, it is not too heavy. After that I always put a bottle of Baileys on the table and we have a nice coffee. It is nice to be able to enjoy everyone’s company and get to know our London escorts dates a little better. They are so much more than just gents that we date.

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