The Glamour of Prostitution

Contrary to most people’s opinion that prostitution bears a lot of disadvantages over the advantages, the sex industry continues to grow. Maybe it high time that we look at how these prostitutes perceive the industry because it seems that the nuisances does not out weight the benefits for many hookers.

Most prostitutes come from low income families and they see no other method to make money.  If you look at statistics, prostitution is high on poor Asian countries that even children join the business whether legal or illegal and whether it is with consent or forced into sex slavery. According to Allesley Park escorts. of

Some are victims of an abusive relationship. Since sex relates to joy and satisfaction, the preys fall into engaging in sex for the purpose of feeling loved and cared.  And by achieving pleasure from what had been a traumatic experience, prostitutes see is as a way to alter their perception which will change their lives for the better.

Pimps and madams play a huge role in the control of individual prostitutes.  They set them up for appointment and usually get the best value for their money. In return pimps keep them away from the streets where they can catch by police while soliciting sex, protection from gangs and sometime provide with health care.  But we cannot take out the fact the pimps take total control of the earnings giving only a very small portion for their workers.  By doing so, the hookers are bound to take in more clients.

There are those who work independently and take full control of their advertisement, appointment, acceptance of offer and specially finances.  Sometimes you wonder why those unemployed or underemployed ladies can afford to purchase branded shoes and bags from Gucci or Louis Vuitton and stay over the weekends in a five start hotel.  How can they afford such luxury with their meagre earnings?  You might have come across high profile prostitutes who call themselves escorts.  The escort industry is flourishing is London.  There are still those being managed by agencies and you can find them in various London escorts sites.

It is not just mere luck that an escort finds a big fish and spoils her with expensive gifts. Her beauty should be mesmerizing and appealing and her intellect is enough to engage in sexy yet challenging conversation.  There are North London escorts who charge as high as 2000 pounds just to spend an hour with them.  They are unlike the cheap hooker you can find on the streets, they are selective of the men who can sleep with them.

South London escorts too have their reasons for joining the industry.  Among university students, it is a good source of income to pay off their tuition fees.  Instead of taking loans that has so many requirements and takes long time to process, escorting is the fastest way to the amount one needs and sometimes even more.  Furthermore, there is no need to worry on how to pay off the loans after the study.  There is an immediate gratification from salaries received from employment where you can buy the things you like and afford a better apartment rather than setting aside a portion for loan payments. 

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