The teen’s opinion



What do teenagers really think about sex? It would be interesting to sit down and talk to teenagers to find out what they really think about sex. A couple of Earls Court escorts from suggested that we should do this and I thought it would be quite interesting myself. However, I found myself telling the Earls Court escorts that their parents may not agree. Maybe they do not want their kids to spend time talking to Earls Court escorts about sex. The only way we can really do it, is to talk about sex with the teenagers who are in our lives today. We can ask them what they think.

I showed the Earls Court escorts some teenage magazines and they were shocked that a lot of them were full of sex tips. It was something that the Earls Court escorts had not expected at all. I am sure it is okay to pass this information onto teenagers but I am a bit shocked at the way teenage magazines are doing. To be perfectly honest, I am grateful that my daughters is more interested in Dog’s today than reading the average teenage magazine. They might be exciting but they are certainly full of a lot of junk information as well. A lot of is not accurate.

So, if teenagers are being fed a lot of wrong information, how does that affect their sex lives? To be honest, i think that it can potentially do some harm. Earls Court escorts say that their teenage children are very “swayable” and I think that is a good expression. I do agree with Earls Court escorts when they say that. Teenagers have not formed their own opinions about a lot of things and many of them are trying to do. It will take years for them to be able to truly find themselves, and most parents do recognize this fact.

So, what should we do about all of these half trashy teenage magazines? I have spoken to my own daughter about them and she seems to forget what it says in them very quickly. She might remember the odd bit about a celebrity but a lot of the other information she quickly disregards. Maybe it isn’t important enough to influence her little mind. In a way I am glad it isn’t and maybe other teenagers feel exactly the same way as she does. At least I would like to think so and I am sure that many other parents would as well.
Unsurprisingly, teenagers do not know that much about sex. Yes, they read their magazine and try to find things out but it is not the same as knowing about sex. Knowledge about sex is something we get when we start exploring our sexual desires and sexual needs. I am sure that most Earls Court escorts remember how awkward their first sexual encounters were like and how much they did NOT enjoy it. Most Earls Court escorts did say that they did not enjoy the first couple of times they had sex with their boyfriends when they were young.

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